Attention Contractors: All Mechanical and Plumbing licenses with an expiration date of June 30, 2020 shall be valid for practice until May 1, 2021

Cedar Falls is currently under a mask mandate. Masks are required for everyone on site and interacting with the inspectors during an inspection.

When scheduling an inspection of an occupied home please do the following things:

  1. Confirm everyone in the home is in good health. If someone is in quarantine due to exposure or a positive COVID test the inspection will have to be scheduled after the quarantine time is over.
  2. Please minimize the number of people in the home at the time of the inspection.
  3. If you need to interact with the inspector please wear a mask.

Thank you for working with us to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Terms of Use

  1. All work authorized by this Permit process must comply with all applicable ordinances and codes adopted by the City and the State. The applicant must take the time to research these codes. Any permit received through the internet application that does not comply to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, the City Cedar Falls, State of Iowa, or the International Codes or any other code or Ordinance as required by other State or local laws and regulations shall be voided with the applicant absorbing all expenses or damages resulting from this action.
  2. It is the responsibility of all applicants, Owners and Contractors to comply with the State of Iowa Contractor licensing requirements for contractors. Call (319)268-5161 for information on state contractor licensing.
  3. All work authorized by a permit is subject to inspection. Required inspections can be obtained online or by calling the applicable agency. Access must be provided for inspection purposes.
  4. Permits shall automatically EXPIRE and become void if work is not commenced within 365 days, or if work is suspended or an inspection is not obtained within 365 days.
  5. If, subsequent to the issuance of a permit the Building, Planning Official, or Collector of Revenue determines that plans or other reviews are required for the work undertaken, the permit may be suspended or revoked in writing until proper reviews and approvals are obtained.
  6. The issuance of a permit shall not serve to legalize other un-permitted construction, improper occupancies, additional dwelling units, or unauthorized land uses not otherwise legally established. All Permits are subject to review and approval by the City of Cedar Falls.
  7. It is the responsibility of the applicant to pay all fees assessed prior to the issuance. An approved permit that is unpaid is not issued – no work may commence nor business be conducted for which a permit is unpaid.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds will be granted once the City of Cedar Falls has accepted payment for a permit or license.

Web Agreement when Submitting an Application

  • E-Signature: By entering your name you are signing the permit application. I hereby certify that I have read, understand and agree to conform to all governing information and regulations set forth by the City of Cedar Falls.

About Building Permits One Stop App

The City of Cedar Falls Building Permits One Stop Application allows you to search permit data on-line. You may also create an account to submit permit or registration applications, track the progress and make payments.

Need help with permits or registrations?

We’ve created a webpage that explains each permit or registration step-by-step and gives you detailed information about fees, required forms and related items. Online Help

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